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Digital Humanism

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Franco Bagaglia
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Welcome to my world dedicated to digital humanism, where continuous learning and the ethics of Artificial Intelligence meet to guide you towards a better future. Here, we are on a mission to cultivate the light of knowledge and humanity in an age of rapid technological change.

My 40-year career as a computer scientist has been a wonderful journey that has taken me from mainframes to artificial intelligence. A journey characterised by a constant desire to share my discoveries and knowledge, just like an adventure to be told.

The most significant stage of
this journey was five years ago, before the pandemic, when I had an electrocution on the road to Damascus. I began to reflect on the growing gap between technological evolution and the deep essence of man. The pandemic and its lockdowns paradoxically facilitated that moment of reflection, directing my training and communication activities to new shores: humanism
digital. Digital humanism brings together vital contributions such as collective intelligence, information ecology, digital environmentalism, the infosphere and hyperhistory, and information philosophy. The complexity of the infosphere imposes the paradigm of lifelong learning to increase awareness.
Today, my activity fully reflects the evolution of these 40 years and I wish to share these reflections not only with myself, but with anyone who wants to discuss these issues.

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The infosphere is the vast digital ocean in which information converges and intertwines, defining the landscape of knowledge in the digital age. Information overload leads to a phenomenon known as ‘infobesity’ or ‘infromaction overload’.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning is the key to unlocking the infinite potential of the individual, nurturing constant growth in a constantly changing world. A vital paradigm in our daily lives which one cannot do without. Especially for students and the new generation.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the last thing humanity will do. – Nick Bostrom

ChatGPT and the like are not artificial intelligence, but plagiarism software. Noam Chomsky

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Franco Bagaglia

I am an IT expert and lecturer with a passion for a responsible digital future. My mission is to promote awareness, continuous learning and the growth of digital skills.

Through online courses, instructional videos, and reflections on critical thinking, I will help you successfully navigate the infosphere, adopt an ethical view of AI, and develop the skills needed to excel in the ever-changing digital world. Join us and light your path into the digital future._

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

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My latest posts

Infosphere: a concept we need to know at all costs

The infosphere is the term used to refer to the informational environment in which we live and operate. It is a concept that embraces both physical and virtual reality, and includes all beings and objects that generate, process, exchange and use information. The infosphere thus includes human beings, animals, plants, machines, software, data, documents, works of art, and so on.

This infosphereis like an indissoluble network that envelops and interconnects all aspects of our existence, from communication to education,
from industry to politics, and much more.
Being aware of this infosphere means recognising that the decisions we make, the actions we take and the information we access are all influenced by this digital environment. This awareness is
fundamental because it helps us to better understand our role in this new digital age and to make informed decisions on how to navigate it
in a way that is responsible, ethical and beneficial to ourselves, society and the planet. In short, awareness of the infosphere is the key to meeting the challenges and seizing the opportunities that digital technology and AI present us with today.

It allows us to be active participants in this indissoluble network, rather than passively suffering its effects. Information complexity is
manifests itself in different ways: information overload, misinformation, polarisation, fragmentation, vulnerability. Let us briefly look at them one by one.
How can we face these problems?
There is no simple, universal solution, but I believe there are some possible and desirable strategies. Developing an information culture: educating oneself and others to use information critically, responsibly and creatively. Promoting awareness of information rights and duties. Valuing diversity and informational dialogue.

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