Amazon Q: the chatbot challenging ChatGPT and Duet AI

Amazon has launched Q, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot dedicated to businesses, which promises to revolutionise the way workers access information, generate content and initiate actions. Q was presented at the AWS re:Invent 2023 conference in Las Vegas, where Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky outlined its potential and features.

What is Q and how it works

Q is a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to answer workers’ questions, providing them with useful and relevant information, based on data and knowledge in the company. Q was trained on 17 years of experience from AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing service, which offers over 200 services to power the web, data collection and analysis, artificial intelligence, security and more1..

Q is able to understand natural language and generate consistent and accurate answers, even to complex or ambiguous questions. Q can also create content, such as documents, reports, presentations, graphics, code and more, based on user requests and available data. In addition, Q can initiate actions, such as sending emails, booking meetings, updating calendars, changing settings, launching applications and more, simply by asking it.

Q is integrated with AWS services, such as Amazon Connect, Amazon Supply Chain, Amazon QuickSight and others, and can be customised to suit the specific needs of each company. Q is available as a preview for AWS customers from USD 20 per user per year.

What are the differences with other chatbots

Q presents itself as an innovative and revolutionary solution in the field of chatbots for business, challenging competitors such as ChatGPT and Duet AI. ChatGPT is the generative artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI, which can produce texts of any kind from an initial input. ChatGPT has been used to create several chatbots, such as ChatGPT Enterprise, which offers a platform to create customised chatbots for companies, and ChatGPT Copilot, which assists developers in writing code.

Duet AI is the name given by Google to its set of collaborative tools based on artificial intelligence, available for Google Workspace, Google’s online productivity suite. Duet AI includes features such as Smart Compose, which suggests words and phrases to complete emails, Smart Reply, which proposes short and relevant replies to messages, and Smart Canvas, which integrates documents, spreadsheets and presentations with interactive elements such as checklists, tables and graphs.

The main differences between Q and other chatbots are:

What are the advantages and challenges of Q

Q offers numerous advantages for companies that adopt it, including:

  • Increased productivity, as workers can access information quickly and easily, without having to consult documents, forums or colleagues.
  • Reduced costs, as workers can generate quality content without the need for experts, consultants or external software.
  • Improved customer service, as workers can provide accurate and timely answers to customers, without having to transfer calls or wait for confirmations.
  • Development of innovation, as workers can use Q’s skills and ideas to create new products, services or solutions.

However, Q also presents some challenges, including:

  • Quality assurance, as workers must check the accuracy and relevance of the answers and content generated by Q, and correct any errors or inaccuracies.
  • Protection of privacy, as workers must ensure that Q does not disclose sensitive or confidential information, either internally or externally.
  • Change management, as workers have to adapt to the new way of working with Q, and overcome any resistance or mistrust.


Q is Amazon’s new chatbot, based on artificial intelligence, targeting companies, offering them a digital assistant that can answer questions, generate content and initiate actions. Q differs from other chatbots in its comprehensiveness, specificity, adaptability, affordability and accessibility. Q offers advantages in terms of productivity, costs, customer service and innovation, but also presents challenges in terms of quality, privacy and change.


  • Amazon Q: Amazon launched its artificial intelligence chatbot for businesses, called Amazon Q, which is based on its Bedrock platform and uses several AI systems, including Amazon’s Titan and those developed by Anthropic and Meta.
  • Advantages and functionality: Amazon Q promises to help businesses improve productivity, reduce costs and offer better service to consumers. The chatbot can provide answers, chat, generate content and take actions using the data and skills present in the company. It can also automatically modify the source code of companies, speeding up development.
  • Safety and securitye: Amazon Q offers protection against questionable content and the legal and reputational damage that can result from the use of artificial intelligence. The chatbot allows users to filter harmful content and set limits on the generative AI they use. It also ensures the security of sensitive data and indemnifies customers against lawsuits based on the misuse of copyrighted material.
  • Cost and competition: Amazon Q costs $20 per month per user, which is lower than the chatbots of Microsoft and Google, both of which are based on OpenAI technology. With this step, Amazon wants to shake off the perception that it is lagging behind its competitors in artificial intelligence.


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