The four figures that dominate AI

Digtal Humanism
Digital Humanism

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The OpenAI saga: A story of ambition, conflict and conflicting views on artificial intelligence, which saw the dismissal and return of founder Sam Altman, accused of wanting to create a superintelligence dangerous to humanity. This episode, which shook the world of AI, is emblematic of how this technology is at the centre of an increasingly heated and polarised debate, involving not only experts, but also politicians, the media and the public. In this article, we will try to analyse the different positions and perspectives that characterise the AI sector, divided between techno-apocalyptics, techno-utopians, ethicists and security experts, and their possible future scenarios. In addition, I will focus on the real and current problems that can arise from the use of AI-based systems, such as discrimination, surveillance and manipulation, and the role of researchers who study and denounce them

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